Iridescent iris is the signature note of the new Tiffany scent.

May 22, 2019

Love and beauty are the essence of the new Tiffany & Co. Tiffany fragrance that captures that essence in a bottle—a sparkling floral musk with a precious signature ingredient, the iris. The new Tiffany fragrance is a modern homage to 180 years of Tiffany history.

“Beauty and love – which lift us and fill our lives with optimism, strength and joy – are the essence of Tiffany,” said Caroline Naggiar, chief brand officer, Tiffany & Co. “Our new fragrance inspires this powerful state of mind, much like wearing an exquisite piece of Tiffany jewelry.”

The sparkling floral scent is a contemporary take on the most precious ingredients of traditional haute perfumery, created by world-renowned master perfumer Daniela Andrier of Givaudan, with the precious iris at its heart as the hero ingredient – a motif which dates back to the earliest sketches found in the Tiffany Archives and that Daniela would qualify as the “diamond of perfumery” for its many facets. Harvested in France during the months of July and August, the iris butter is obtained through a unique hydrodistillation extraction, exclusive to the Tiffany fragrance.

The glass flacon of the fragrance takes its inspiration from Tiffany’s most iconic diamond cuts, including the famous 128.54-carat Tiffany Diamond, while the pure geometric lines of the shoulders and cap mirror the Lucida®-cut diamond engagement ring. A hint of Tiffany Blue® accents the collar in the signature T pattern. Inside, a delicate juice with the slightest tint of blue illuminates the precise cuts of the bottle. And like all Tiffany creations, the fragrance is presented in the signature Tiffany Blue Box®, an internationally recognized symbol of style and sophistication.

To help tell the story of its new fragrance, Tiffany collaborated with legendary photographer Steven Meisel, along with four modern women who represent the diverse spirit of the brand — Vittoria Ceretti, Julia Nobis, Achok Majak and Georgina Grenville — each with their own unique substance and style. Through Meisel’s lens, everything is stripped away, focusing on the essence of the brand and its essentials: Tiffany Blue®, diamonds, skin and scent.

As a subtle nod to the sensory experience of the fragrance, the campaign images center on the pulse points of the body—the neck, the wrists, behind the ears—conjuring that transformative moment when scent makes contact with bare skin.

The fragrance is sold exclusively in Tiffany & Co. stores and select specialty department stores in the U.S., with a worldwide rollout expected by October 1st.