Dior creates statement metallic makeup with matte and shimmering metal tones.

August 18, 2017


For this Fall’s beauty, Peter Philips has created the Christian Dior Fall 2017 Metallics collection of the Metalizer Eyes & Lips hybrid makeup, which brings its ultra-pigmented formula with metallic effect to the eyes as well as the lips.

Designed to be easily transportable and equally easy to use, it provides a professional result at any time of the day; its ultra-creamy texture dries in the blink of an eye and leaves no feeling of clumpy product behind. On the lips, it can be used alone or over ones usual lipstick to create contrasts. And on the eyelids, it’s applied with the fingertip to leave a chrome effect light veil, or with a brush for a long-lasting luminous finish with vibrant shimmers. The light around the eyes is also enhanced with the 5 Couleurs palette, a Dior makeup essential, which plays with contrasts: its smoky harmonies combine matte, satin, sequined and lamé effects to give color a new dimension. The eyebrows are then thickened and strengthened thanks to the Diorshow Bold Brow’s vitamin cocktail, with its three ash shades, which acts instantaneously and as the applications progress.

In order to compliment this beauty look’s shades and metallic effects, Dior Rouge is available in six new sensual colors, from beige to flamboyant red, through a pinkish brown, representatives of an assertive beauty. Matching these shades, in turn, the Dior Contour pencil redraws the lips and lends them an ultimate touch of color. For a complexion that perfectly enhances this makeup, Diorblush Color & Light, with a creamy texture that melts into transparency, subtly redesigns the contours. Its double tip allows for an easy and tailored application throughout the day: the blush side with matte finish enhances the cheekbones, while the mother-of-pearl illuminator is applied to the bridge of the nose and the Cupid’s bow dimple. The metallic effect of this beauty look is expressed down to the nails with the Dior Vernis and its three new colors, the finishing touch to a fully mastered art of color.

This season, the model Lindsey Wixson embodies a beauty look that embraces color while playing with matte, sequined satin and lamé effects, to correspond to every kind of desire.

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