We embark on a journey of colors, nuances and contrasts with De Grisogono for the Summer.

August 1, 2017


De Grisogono‘s favourite hues hark back to the roots of its creator: turquoise and emerald shades adorning the imposing stones set in the middle of a sparkling sea of diamonds. Among the destinations favored by Fawaz Gruosi, the Mediterranean serves as a creative backdrop providing the jeweler with an endless source of inspiration and expression for the De Grisogono Summer Diaries collection.

From the steps of the Cannes festival to the Eden Roc cliffs; from the shores of Capri – the island ‘gem’ set in the Bay of Naples – before setting foot on the Gruosi family’s fiefdom in Sardinia, where everything begins each year.

Three iconic locations symbolising elegance, glamour and timelessness. Three atmospheres brimming with joy, energy and colours. Three settings adorned with creations from the De Grisogono jeweller.

Vibrant, radiant, mobile and sensual creations subtly distilling their musicality and stirring the senses. Entwined gold and stones, joyful spirals, elegant skin-on-skin sensations: the VORTICE, ALLEGRA and GYPSY collections embrace the body. VENTAGLIO sends a fresh breeze blowing across the jewellery landscape with its precious stone ‘fans’.

For a delicious summer, BOULE offers spheres directly cut from stones shimmer like fruity-flavoured sherbets to be worn with no thought of moderation, while INDIA drops of turquoise and opal blossom and shine.

With its precious hearts nestling in a dainty shell shape, CONCHIGLIETTA recalls the mother-of-pearl treasures strewn across the shores of the Mediterranean. Summer time, punctuated by the sartorial elegance of the NEW RETRO, shaped like a pebble smoothed by the elements. A time to be shared with loved ones bound by close ties embodied by ALLEGRA, or to the sound of the briolette-embellished GRAPPOLI clusters. A time to be lived to the full around the clock, with the tangy luminescence and bronzed charm of TONDO by Night, and the moon celebrated by LUNA. The infinite motion of the waves captured in the curves of ONDE. Delightful tête à tête moments with Toi & Moi. XXL cabochons like refreshing ice cubes, and vividly generous wearable sculptures such as MELODY OF COLOURS.

… rubies, orange and pink sapphires – in vibrant shades constantly changing in the sunlight, interspersed with turquoise, emerald or sapphire blue waters that extend an invitation to explore their depths imbued with a mystery as intense as that of black diamonds. Moments of freedom and fulfilment to be followed like travel diaries, of which De Grisogono shares the most beautiful snapshots as time goes by.

De Grisogono invites you to plunge into the countless shades of blue dappling the waters of the Riviera, before heading for Capri and on to Sardinia. A summer bathed in sunlight and pervaded by the Dolce Vita as interpreted by De Grisogono.


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