Raving and cycling collide in this  collaborative Season 2 collection, sold in an unconventional way

The second season of the  Alexander Wang x adidas Originals collection is an inspiring the story of a tribe of New York bike messengers fueled by adrenaline and excess, symbolizing a youthful spirit of freedom.

Continuing the nontraditional retail formula he started with last season’s parked trailer truck stores, the designer will sell his new line through a text message chatbot. “The activation is just as important as the products because it really speaks to the narrative and the concept,” said Wang. “If you see a wild posting, you could just text the number and order the item and get it essentially—in New York, where there’s so many cycling messengers—delivered right to your home.”

Alexander Wang’s capsule collection combines performancewear and lifestyle pieces featured in a slew of neon colors. The inspiration, he said, came from the many highlighter shades that appeared in his Spring 2017 collection, along with videos of mass cycling events. “It kind of reminded me of Mad Max, when they’re going down [through] the desert and there’s people with huge speakers,” he said, as Wang’s gang is en route to a party. “I liked the idea that they were all going to this destination, this underground, crazy rave.”

Those two ideas fused into a text-heavy collection and came to life in a video of a model biking and partying her way through New York, as directed by Ryan Staake. The model wears a neon ensemble and an Alexander Wang for Adidas beanie turned balaclava to make some deliveries, then hits up a proper rave. “My exercise is going out and dancing!” said Wang with a laugh. “So when people ask if I exercise . . . yeah! Friday and Saturday.”

The Alexander Wang x Adidas Originals Season 2 will be released in New York City on July 29th via chatbot and globally through select retail partners on August 5th.