Balmain goes green as it heads to the West Coast with a new boutique.

July 25, 2017

Taking over a 2,400-square foot, the one story building on Melrose Place in West Hollywood is the first Balmain flagship store in Los Angeles.

The new locale is modeled on founder Pierre Balmain’s Italian vacation home. Paris-based architects, Studio KO channeled the villa’s relaxed Mediterranean vibe while adding a series of modern twists to keep it fresh and in tune with Rousteing’s penchant for a more glamorous aesthetic. The aim of the store was to create an exclusive space in which luxury is expressed by the right proportions and the right rhythm—rather than by an avalanche of expensive materials.

A visit to the new store will begin with the meeting of its rich forest green-stucco exterior, which soon gives way to its interior space topped by vaulted ceilings, European-style plaster walls, and expansive black marble floor tiling. A tranquil garden in the back invites visitors to stay a while and relax under the shade of low-hanging ferns and plush shrub-sized evergreens. On the shop floor, the full gamut of Balmain’s men’s, women’s, kids, and accessories lines will be available to shop and peruse.

“For as long as I can remember, Los Angeles has always been this incredible source of dreams—pop culture actually made me fall in love with the city even before I had set foot inside it,” Rousteing said. “Later, when Los Angeles became more than just the setting of movies and songs, it ended up inspiring me even more—my California friends introduced me to the singular lifestyle, relaxed glamour and exhilarating openness, diversity and freedom that one finds there—and, of course, that intoxicating West Coast spirit has been reflected in my collections.”

Visit Balmain’s new flagship from today at 8421 Melrose Place in West Hollywood, Los Angeles.


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