An Haute Couture collection where fallen kings see bold feminine figures rise.

July 17, 2017

For the Elie Saab Fall 2017 Haute Couture collection, we are transported into a world of medieval magnificence, capturing the opulence and wild beauty of long forgotten times and translating it into fiercely elegant feminine silhouettes.

As velvet & lace intertwine in perfect harmony, mousseline and tulle courteously carry each other along the pathways, adding lightness to gracefully draped fabrics. Peplum jackets and satin duchesse dresses add a subtle touch of architectural intent into voluminous allures of nobility. Then, long lavish coats and crowning capes adorn the shoulders, as if taming the cold.
And while deep, plunging necklines let the cool and refreshing air caress the neck, long sleeves carefully sculpt the arms like an impenetrable feminine armour.

Just as the warrior Queens can be gentle, yet command respect at the same time with a single look, the collection’s colour palette is a balance of extremes. Romantic pearly white, dusty blue and a misty pastel pink evoke a welcome warmth, that contrasts with the pieces in darker, more solemn colours, like intense blue, vivid red, forest green and black. Then, there is the gold… appearing in all its glory, but also weaving itself more subtly into every piece as majestic golden thread. It ties in pearls and sequins, drawing elaborate patterns of intricate embroidery, that pay tribute to the ornamental artistry of the era. It also traces the lines of a delicate foliage that seems to organically climb up the dresses, making its way to the shoulders, and sometimes even extending onto the chest, waist and arms. As if embracing every curve, while flowing seamlessly through the waves of fabric, it elongates the silhouette, and lyrically reminds us of nature’s bond with the ever more empowered feminine form.

Throughout the collection feathers take on a life of their own embellishing or acting as a second-skin and other times they show a softer side in fairer tones of dusty blue and blush.
With delicately applied pearls, crystals and hand-cut stones, every piece of jewellery, is made unique, and is an allegory to the ancient craftsmanship of fine, golden filigree. Shoes, clutches and belts in various velvets and leathers featuring metallic floral motifs and stones, add to the collection’s overall sense of refined nobility.

The lines of every piece of Elie Saab Fall 2017 Haute Couture collection are drawn to be powerfully structured, yet effortlessly present.

Go behind-the-scenes of this otherworldly tale where imagination and magic reign supreme.


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