Uncover the sparkling story of legendary gems

Like a wave in motion, the air stirs over the stones of the latest Résonances de Cartier collection, illuminating their flames, with the quiet rhythm of breath. A pulsing sensation takes hold… From one design to the next, energy begins to flow.

Throughout its history, Cartier has determined the fates of exquisite gems. Diamonds such as the Williamson, the Hope and the Tereshchenko have been cast as the starring role in masterful works of style and light. Colored, fiery or magnificent, all are stones with a storied past. In honoring their eternal beauty, Cartier has changed the course of history for these legendary gems.

It starts with a simple, yet exceptional stone. The destiny of the stone is sketched, illustrating the essence of the piece it will become.

The craftsmen pore over the concept on paper, mapping out every line, shadow and color, before carefully constructing every detail. The magic of Cartier is at work in the hands of expert craftsmen who transform a rare, precious stone in to a multifaceted, exquisite jewelry piece.