Emilio Pucci does a double take blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination

Filmed and photographed by Charlie Engmanm the Emilio Pucci Fall 2017 ad campaign portrays the ultimate flaneur: always wandering, never lost. Loose shapes and vibrant colours are her travelling companions.

French model Joséphine Le Tutour stars in the Italian label’s latest ad campaign, which tricks you into thinking you just might have double vision. While you can be rest assured that there is no cause for alarm, you are seeing double as the muse actually does appear twice.

A look at the recently released photos reveals vibrant “trompe l’oeil” decors replicating the brand’s iconic swirling psychedelic prints, which play on our perception and take us on an ‘imaginary odyssey.’

The photos which show Joséphine beside her portrait or her own duplicated image, creating the illusion of her having a twin, give life to the brand’s collection through her colorful daydreams and selfies.

The campaign spotlights fall’s eye-popping 1970s-inspired color palette, sharp suiting, an all-over lime green ensemble with trailing pleated sleeve trim and voluminous ponchos which feature the label’s swirling prints.

This season, Joséphine Le Tutour has been very much in demand. Aside from fronting Balmain’s Pre-Fall 2017 ad campaign, she has been busy clocking up runway appearances at Paris Haute Couture week where she was last spotted walking for Elie Saab on Wednesday. The model is also the face of Zadig & Voltaire’s new fragrance.