A new scent from La Perla that embodies a woman’s sensuality

Under the creative direction of Julia Haart, the La Perla La Mia Perla scent is the embodiment of a pearl both in shape and presence and is designed to be worn as a personal emblem. Just as the lustre of a pearl evokes power and intrigue, La Mia Perla tells the story of a woman who finds her own sensuality as it emerges to the surface from within. She owns it like she owns herself.

Haart’s vision of female empowerment is embodied by both Master Perfumer Honorine Blanc – who reimagined the inspirations behind La Perla to create La Mia Perla – and campaign model Annika Krijt, who personifies the powerful yet feminine La Perla woman.

A tribute to female beauty, power and strength, La Perla introduces La Mia Perla: a new scent created by women for women. Born from a desire to express the emotional connection and personal pleasure women feel when wearing scent, La Mia Perla symbolises and celebrates a woman’s potent sensuality, found and owned by her alone. In discovering La Mia Perla – ‘my pearl’ – she becomes her truest self, unapologetically feminine yet full of strength.

“La Perla is synonymous with Italian artisan craft, while bringing women’s innate femininity to the forefront. Everything we create is designed to ensure women feel as beautiful as they look, and the La Mia Perla scent is an extension of that promise. This is truly a scent for women created by women, to be worn for their own pleasure – rather than for anyone else’s.” – Julia Haart, creative director.

Watch behind the scenes of the making of the La Mia Perla campaign starring Annika Krijt.