Emporio Armani creates a film series exploring the depths of love for the latest his and hers fragrance collection

Together we touch the sky, Together we can fly, Together we are unstoppable. The Emporio Armani ‘Together Stronger’ fragrance series introduces three snippets of life where Paul and Laura transform each situation into a positive and hedonistic experience. Three titles who resound like “love mantras,” conferring extraordinary powers that make them stronger every day and ever more sure of their feelings. It’s the new dialogue between the sexes – contemporary, positive, balanced.

At the heart of this story is unconditional and joyful love. Laura and Paul are two strong individuals in love with each other for over four years living at the heart of a cinematic New York City. She writes, he draws. She’s an independent woman and he’s a true romantic. They search for one another, prove their love to each other, and always find themselves together.

Up close, at the top of a building, or on the roof of a yellow taxi.

This love is reinvented and captured in a pair of fragrances equal in strength. BECAUSE IT’S YOU for her and STRONGER WITH YOU for him. Together they communicate, they challenge, they seduce.