The Sportmax Spring 2017 Portraits stars five women who either embody the spirit of the Italian fashion house or are intimately involved through its history.

The portraits feature Estonian model icon Carmen Kass, innovative music producer and DJ Mimi Xu, Parisian cool Iman Perez, Belgian Yana Van Ginneken, and inspiring Swedish model Erika Wall.

The Spring 2017 portraits collection includes a soft, nautical color palette calling on hues of beige, blue and off white. The collection is preppy while staying true to the trends of the seasons. Playing with off-shoulder pieces, button accents at the waist and wide-leg pants, the collection is light with a gamine feel appealing to the effortless summer spirit.

Patterns like stripes and plaid are spotted as well as fine materials such as ribbed knits, linen, and silk. The combination of materials brings a unique structure to the pieces while remaining minimalist and classic with an styled edge.

Photographer Fenton Bailey captured them on camera for the Sportmax Spring 2017 collection, as they tell what their story is.