The Labruyère Fall 2017 collection reveals a line of minimalist yet architectural pieces crafted in northern Italy thanks to the know-how of passionate craftsmen.

Founded in 2015, this is the story of the ingenious collaboration between a father, Stéphane and his son Raphael. Their manifold passions and proficiency in several artistic fields permit them lead to the creation of a handbags singular line dedicated for women, which is only the beginning of a prolific adventure.

After a extensive research with the protoypes development from initial sketches, LC.2 handbags collection results and reveals a luxury both discreet and decidedly modern. The Labruyère Paris designers drawn inspiration from emerald carve. The structure and volumes of this carve is perfectly suited to the proportions of a handbag, revealing the architectural lines the come from an environment dedicated to women.

Similar to a jeweler, Labruyère seeks to magnify the woman working and structuring the material in order to offer a product that will become essential to her daily life.

The range of colors, combined with black nickel and matt gold accessories, offers the essential adaptable to the personalities of each woman. These leathers and nubucks, selected with the greatest attention, keep the depth of natural skin with slight irregularities and shades, witnesses of their authenticity.