For the coming Retrosuperfuture Spring 2017 season, the brand continues its exploration of ...

March 24, 2017


For the coming Retrosuperfuture Spring 2017 season, the brand continues its exploration of groundbreaking eyewear designs that push the boundaries of stylistic and technological research these pieces are shaped by a return to its origins, where contemporary culture meets urban style through layers of iconic references, meticulous research and innovative production processes.

Drawing inspiration from some of the most iconic pieces of eyewear from past decades, Arca is a new shape that blends past styles and references into a unique silhouette. designed to become an instant classic, the Arca features an innovative metal and acetate structure —thoughtfully outlined and crafted to ensure wearability and resilience without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

Defying formal appropriation Quadra, in fact, results entirely novel and original while maintaining an aura of familiarity and timeless aesthetic appeal. playing with classic characteristics of oversized frames, the brand’s designers have conceived an almost square silhouette softened by sophisticated rounded detailing and curious angles.

Now in its third season, Tuttolente line continues to break the mould of traditional forms and styles. crafted from a single sheet of zeiss lens that forms both the structure and lenses, Tuttolente sunglasses appeal for their innovative raw quality, now extended to Super’s most popular metal and acetate shapes.

Super’s mission when designing eyewear is to always make something that is as functional as stylish and well-designed. The Spring 2017 introduces three lines of new essentials that draw inspiration from craftsmanship, material and technological innovation to shape their avant–garde design.

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