For the Fendi ‘Girl’s Secret’ short film, the Italian, house exposes 18th-century opulence meets kawaii/techno vibes as a modern-day Marie Antoinette glides from one soirée to the next, accompanied by her chic crew of coquette friends.

The Italian fashion house paid tribute to Antoinette with its Spring 2017 womenswear collection, debuted last autumn, and has since tapped Rebecca Zlotowsky for a short film exploring similar ideas of over indulgence, this time around in a contemporary setting. The director focuses her lens on Paris, as Sigrid Bouaziz tours the city’s most decadent spots.

As night falls in the Paris, the City of Lights, we discover more about the secret lifestyle of an ultra-modern Marie Antoinette – from one unexpected adventure to the next. The Queen and her courtiers step out in secret one night, hitting all the hottest spots in Paris while sporting Fendi’s finest footwear collections.

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For Bouaziz’s emphatically free, modern Marie Antoinette, a saying commonly associated with the historic French queen holds true: “I have seen all, I have heard all, I have forgotten all.”