For the Moschino Fall 2017 collection, Jeremy Scott presents a Moschino woman who is so enraptured with fashion that she wraps herself in every material to bring her closer to it. She is the antidote to the unsustainable cycles of consumption. Her cure? To take materials the rest of us reject and wear them with Moschino panache.

The collection opens with a series of looks we’re calling “Cardboard Couture” – these are uptown-elegant silhouettes for day crafted in what appears to what most people rip open then throw out when their online orders arrive: packaging! “Fragile” stickers, “This Way Up” stamps, “Do Not Crush” warnings, duct tape trims and tracking dockets provide the functional equivalent to floral on Scott’s special delivery pieces. Her oeuvre extend from cardboard into a soignee skirt suit and off-color camel coat hewn in gray packing felt with duct tape accents, to a skirt of frayed newsprint fringe, and looks in boldly opaque bubble-wrap.

She’s so wrapped up in fashion – and a committed recycler – that she takes the gateway drug for her fascination with fashion magazines and turns them into clothes. Glossy editorials featuring previous Scott for Moschino collections are printed in trompe l’oeil tear-sheet prints. She crafts suits, pants, dresses, and even a “fur” coat out of her glossy collages along with all the accessories needed to compliment these haute papier looks!

As the collection develops so too does the source material. A broader and broader palette provides the fuel for a reiteration of classic tropes of style via radically unorthodox delivery systems. The Moschino bag dress is reimagined in plastic as a mini-dress, and dry-cleaning sheaths become the raw material of poised full-length cocktail gowns. Why are diamond earrings classier than those hewn from tin cans? Why should organza be any more permanent than trash-bag plastic – with a half-life of forever – when under consideration as the raw material for an evening dress?

This is the ultimate high-low collection. Candelabras, carpets, tissue boxes and even the curtains are called upon for her to adorn herself with. Fashion is powered by desire, and this collection acknowledges the overlooked physical consequences – the fall-out.

Shop the interactive lookbook as you hover over the items of interest and review the details to purchase online.