Infused with grace and nostalgia in tribute to effortless distinction, The Order Fall 2017 ...

February 28, 2017


Infused with grace and nostalgia in tribute to effortless distinction, The Order Fall 2017 collection seeks to give a biting modernity to the timeless elegance of leather goods. The singularity of The Order comes from a combination of unstoppable imagination and a touch of irreverence.

“It’s about reinventing classics with a striking theme of the worker integrated into the collection” says Art Director, Pascal Humbert, as interviewed by Benedikt Sebastian. Humbert is known for his collaborations with luxury houses such as Chanel and Hermès.

It is in the Parisian atelier where a talented team of designers, under the watchful eye of Humbert create the collection, where excellence and beauty is combined with effortless distinction and complimented through the generous use of materials.

The Order proposes a selection of pieces composed of sometimes fluid, sometimes structured lines, but always with a cut in materials of the highest quality. Humbert creates a selection of signature luxurious metal adornments that compliment the simple and perfectly designed shapes and embracing hardware that are often not seen. The Art Director embraces the notion of androgyny, especially because of the mechanical elements of the line and the confidence it promotes comes from the pleasure of wearing an accessory that truly highlights the silhouette. In every look, a sober yet generous detail amuse the eye in celebration of the new with an elegant colour palette of blacks, blues, browns, greens and purples.

The Order focuses on creations with a formal allure for the confident. Undomesticated yet outstanding class inspires the free spiritedness of the world. The brand is a tribute to cosmopolitan beauty combined with the panache of distinction. The luxury accessories brand draws inspiration from the visionary and audacious to create contemporary products that celebrate the free and proud. A contemporary luxury line of accessories that is perfect for everyday use.

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