The vivid vibrancy of a hummingbird’s plumage, whipped into a blur by wings beating too fast to follow. The exaggerated symmetry and glowing colour contained in the fleshy whorls of an iris inspire a collection that combines magnificent handiwork, bold experiments in form, and powerfully potent colour and decoration.

Glowing colours found in nature, layered with an attitude of spontaneity and audacious expression seamlessly combine to create a powerfully potent Jimmy Choo Spring 2017 collection.

The inspiration for the collection is transposed into a bold set design realized by Shona Heath that features enlarged hand-painted florals, the larger-than-life canvasses seduce with flora in sensuous tones of iris purple, icy blues and marigold oranges. The collection sees the botanica come to life with animation that calls attention to the graphic flora-inspired shoes and bags from the Spring collection. This evocative, landscape blooms for the Jimmy Choo Woman and Man to explore together.

“I wanted the new campaign to portray the Jimmy Choo woman and man in the same environment. The one-of-a-kind beauty found in nature was a key inspiration for the Spring Summer collection and how we need to pause in our busy lives to stop for a moment and marvel at the wonders we co-exist with. The oversized perspective of the set reinforces the extraordinarily mesmerising power of nature,” said Sandra Choi, Creative Director.

The floral inspiration breathes a significant amount of life into the collection and the simple yet bright colours make a lasting impact on the ensembles and resonate as Jimmy Choo designs extend the imaginations and aesthetics of the wearer.

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