This season, Kenzo is paying homage to nightlife as a powerful source of alternative energies against racism, sexual oppression and class violence. Clubs as exemplars of progressive communities, crucibles of self-invention.

The Kenzo ‘Club Ark Eternal’ film directed by Partel Oliva with original music by Lafawndah and BR-RR and movement direction by Ryan Heffington is a tribute to club culture at a time of tragedy.

“With clubbing spaces obviously needing to be understood and protected, we tried to think of impossible alternatives. With America entering a winter of the soul, we wanted to celebrate the kids who go out by 15°F.”

A series of solo freestyle dancing clips in empty club spaces, kitchens, and the great outdoors, the film captures the magic of dancing alone. It aims to pay homage to the power of nightlife as a positive force against racism, sexual oppression and class violence.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon have made dance a Kenzo staple, with recent events including Spike Jonze’s “Kenzo World” ad and Jean-Paul Goude’s H&M x Kenzo show. To introduce the new Resort 2017 and Men’s Spring 2017 collections, they commissioned a dance film from director duo Partel Oliva.