De Beers Diamond Jewellers has unveiled its new home on Madison Avenue in New York. Expertise ...

December 30, 2016

De Beers Diamond Jewellers has unveiled its new home on Madison Avenue in New York. Expertise and emotion meet in a space that showcases the House’s collections, inviting visitors to discover “the home of diamonds since 1888”. The De Beers flagship store in New York holds one of the most desirable addresses in the city as it is located in a townhouse in Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

The new 200-square-meter space creates a warm, elegant and luminous atmosphere. The décor features etched glass, noble materials and specially designed statement furnishings, echoing the heritage of the House and inviting visitors to discover a truly exceptional experience.

The store presents the complete collection of timeless creations by De Beers. The ground floor is dedicated to high jewellery and exceptional solitaires, while bridal and wedding creations are found in a cozy salon on the first floor. Private rooms have been included to ensure a highly personalized shopping experience in an intimate setting. The bespoke “For you, Forever” service takes the client experience even further, letting clients choose their diamond, select the desired setting and have a diamond engagement ring individually crafted.

At this exquisite address dedicated to the art of jewelry, De Beers shares its passion and expertise with its clients, giving them a chance to look at diamonds with the eyes of an expert. Thanks to exclusive technology, De Beers Iris lets visitors discover the unique beauty of each diamond and fully appreciate the Fire, Life and Brilliance. Expertise meets emotion in this new destination for the most beautiful diamond jewelry.

The store design was developed to showcase the full range of De Beers’ timeless creations and highlight the peerlessly beautiful diamonds and craftsmanship of the exquisite jewellery whilst offering a more intimate and enhanced customer experience. It does feature, for the first time in the American market, a new and inspiring store concept, featuring a warm and elegant yet luminous and singular atmosphere.

“We are delighted to unveil our new home on Madison Avenue in New York, an address representing better the positioning of our brand and customer experience. We have designed this new space with our clients in mind to fully express our brand’s uniqueness and convey our century old diamond understanding in a friendly setting. Through this beautiful space dedicated to our craft, we invite our clients to an intimate and personal experience where expertise meets emotion! It is also a strong signal to the American market and our customers,” François Delage, CEO De Beers Diamonds Jewellers comments.


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