Envisioning elegant nights with a modern attitude, The Kooples Moonlight collection featuring stylish essentials, which range from blazers and bomber jackets to chic dresses. Lending its must-haves a regal quality, The Kooples embraces cashmere, leather, silk, and velvet for the occasion.

With The Kooples Moonlight imagines a capsule collection inspired by the nightlife, party and seduction. The rock brand reinterprets its classics with unique and limited pieces.

A response to the Sunrise capsule collection, Moonlight is a wardrobe designed as a line in its own right. Each look marks a special occasion, celebrates an unforgettable moment and plunge The Kooples men and women into a whirlwind of nocturnal elegance. The Kooples girl is embellished by a garment where each element is like a jewel; the Moulin Rouge print on a midi pleated skirt, the luxurious buttons on the lace dresses and the devorévelvet on the boyish trouser suit conjure up the sumptuousness of an incandescent, unforgettable night.

The collection is completed by a baroque accessories line where python-print leather belts with XXL buckles match majestic platform sandals. The wardrobe opts for effective elegance with just the right amount of fantasy. The spotlight is on silky materials such as leather, silk, velvet, flannel and cashmere which are enhanced by lavish nighttime lighting.

Here the lace is matched with velvet, the jewelry details are inviting on the creations, the long flowered skirts rub shoulders with the costumes inspired boyish, all in the colors inescapable of the season: shades of ruby red, Golden, white, black …

The mixing collection of the Moulin Rouge era and Studio 54 is meant to be light. The accessories complete the collection with an eighties note: belt buckle, platform sandal or dizzy pumps.

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