Can two old friends each have utterly original style—even when they’re (inadvertently) wearing exactly the same thing?

In the latest installment of Kate Spade Miss Adventure holiday series, Zosia Mamet and Miss Piggy team up again in the adorable four-minute episode, which features a guest appearance from Man Repeller’s Leandra Medine.

“Working with Miss Piggy, Zosia Mamet, and Leandra Medine on the seventh installment of our Miss Adventure series was a joy,” said Deborah Lloyd, President and Chief Creative Officer of Kate Spade New York, in a press release. “This fun and unique group of women embody our Kate Spade New York girl in a truly smart and playful way.”

Mamet gets into an elevator in the lobby of the iconic building, meeting her friend and long-time Miss Adventure co-star, Miss Piggy. When the pair realize they accidentally wore the same exact outfit, chaos obviously ensues. “This is a holiday party, not a costume party where you dress up as your favorite movie star,” Miss Piggy quips. “What part of ‘I’m buying this dress for the party we’re going to at the Empire State Building’ did you not understand,” Mamet retorts back.

The girls continue to bicker as Medine walks into the elevator in the same coat, but promptly announces, “I’ll take the stairs then,” as she gets caught in the scuffle.

The funny pair eventually make up, going through their boxes and bags of Kate Spade purchases, trying on jewelry, sunglasses, and accessories, with Miss Piggy eventually coming to the conclusion that “we look good in this,” pointing to their matching outfits.