The new Chaumet Joséphine ‘Rondes de Nuit’ creations embellish twenty-four hours in a woman’s life with their pure, generous contours and accompany the other lines of the Joséphine collection with effortless grace.

Joséphine or the art of style. One knows her mostly as a woman of power, yet she is also a passionate lover. She happily ventures into the world of tender feelings where emotions are as sparkling as diamonds and as intricate as lace… Strength and delicacy, balance and movement: the Joséphine collection, precious echo of its muse’s taste, expresses the Chaumet style, sophisticated and feminine, born of a constantly renewed illustrious history.

Each passing hour is delightfully different. Whether by day or by night, the Joséphine collection celebrates a femininity that is light and radiant.

Rondes de Nuit’s signature diamond-sculpture pear shape forms an alliance with “Aigrette Impériale” here, with “Aube Printanière”, or “Eclat Floral” and “Aigrette” there, according to the time of day. Asymmetry, toi & moi setting…

Rondes de Nuit is a night star adorned with shimmering stones that cast a precious spell. The earrings and pendant offer their luminous generosity to the collection. The baguette-cut diamonds sculpt exquisite volume around a pear-shaped diamond, creating a swirling relief for these virtuoso pieces.