With a prizing a set of symbols such as animals, stars and flowers, Alessandro Michele decorates a new Gucci 2016 fine jewelry and timepiece collection. Blue sapphires glimmer as a snake’s eyes on a ring crafted in black ruthenium finished white gold, bees and hearts appear as numbers on the dial of the G-timeless watch and flowers and the interlocking G’s are etched into gold and enamel bangles and rings.

The new collection includes the Gucci Flora range with Lily flower design with petals encrusted with blue sapphires and diamonds and skull detail with sapphire eyes. Le Marche des Merveilles range is featuring yellow gold with bee motifs in sterling silver encrusted with grey diamonds set on plain gold hearts on each end. The new Icon collection is a classic with the Gucci logo imprinted onto the gold.

Shot by photographer Glen Luchford, the film explores affectionate interactions reflecting the romantic, ethereal qualities Gucci is increasingly becoming known for under the creative direction of Alessandro Michele. The jewelry effort paints an intimate portrait of a group of friends as whispers and touches are passed between the companions.

Glimmering stones and motifs from the design lexicon of Alessandro Michele, take a look at the Gucci 2016 fine jewelry and timepiece collection.