Thakoon has opened his first ever store at 70 Wooster Steet in the shopping-infused Soho neighbourhood in New York City.

The 2,500-square-foot space was designed by Giancarlo Valle of SHoP Architects, with multi-hued concrete walls by Fernando Mastrangelo, furniture by Vonnegut/Kraft, and lighting by Michael Anastassiades.

While the new strategy has entailed many changes including the line filling the racks of the new shop and e-commerce site,, will look pleasingly familiar to his longtime fans. “That’s the one thing everyone’s believed in from the get-go,” he said, “that the aesthetic is strong and it resonates globally. It stays.”

You will now be able to buy much of what you see on his runway straight away with the rest arriving in limited-time, limited-quantity releases approximately every two weeks, which sure beats the traditional four-to-six-month wait time most brands operate with. Also good news: the next-level shopping experience you can expect on Wooster Street. Panichgul himself will be on the premises; his atelier is tucked into the back. “There’s romance in that for me,” he said. “I think of Coco Chanel coming down from her apartment [on the Rue Cambon] to her store and seeing customers. It has an intimacy.”