Fritz Lang’s film, Metropolis – a science fiction movie of the 30s – inspired the metallic color palette and industrial volumes of the Delpozo Fall 2016 collection, and illustrator Daria Petrilli’s unsettling portraits. Nature is Delpozo’s constant inspiration for every season and Petrilli’s illustrations have a surrealist twist fusing nature elements with Victorian style women.

The Delpozo Fall 2016 film “Winter Eclipse” wanted to display a surreal world where the dresses were the main focus, rather than the characters: The silhouettes, voluminous and architectural, resonated within the setting of the film, the futuristic embroidery brought detail and light.

The setting is the house “Casa Gomis”, also known as “La Ricarda”, designed by Catalan architect Antonio Bonet. It is the best example of the “Catalan racionalism”, built between 1953 and 1963. The owner of the house, Ricardo Gomis, turned it into an artistic experimental place, becoming a refuge for the Catalan art during the last fifteen years of the Spanish dictatorship. Everything, including the furniture was designed exclusively for the house by the architect. Its aesthetic is timeless like the Delpozo collections. It has a retro feel but at the same time, it’s very modern.