At the House of Dior, located at 160-162 New Bond Street in London, this new boutique is also the biggest in the United Kingdom where the whole Christian Dior universe is represented. For the occasion, a limited-edition collection of Christian Dior Lady Dior bags and small leather accessories was designed by the English artist Marc Quinn who transposed his hyper-realistic and color-drenched paintings onto the Dior creations. Flowers are one of his themes of predilection, as in his series “In The Night Garden”: on one side is a floral print drawn from his own work, and on the other side the same motif with the colors reversed. On another design it’s the bright blue iris from the series “We Share Our Chemistry with the Stars” that grabs the spotlight.

Dior and artists: a constant that stretches back to the House’s very origins and has never stopped developing and evolving. By way of proof, since 2011, the Lady Dior As Seen By traveling exhibition in which the House’s eponymous bag is explored as an artwork by a host of international artists given carte blanche to deliver their personal interpretation. Among those, in 2013, Alice Anderson Studio, a Franco-British artist who mummified the bag in the style of an Egyptian mummy – to offer it, as with the Pharaohs, the keys to everlasting life? Or Jack Lavender, or Martin & Youle, two artists who created a tribute to the bag’s structure; Martin Parr, who immortalized it as an object of admiration held with the fingertips; and Neil Ayling who turned the Lady Dior into a trompe l’œil.

Go behind the scenes as artist Marc Quinn discusses his exclusive collaboration with the House, revealing his inspirations, his artistic vision and his impressions of this unique leather accessories collection.