The Christian Siriano ‘Silhouette’ fragrance inspiration comes one of Christian ...

July 26, 2016


The Christian Siriano ‘Silhouette’ fragrance inspiration comes one of Christian Siriano’s designs, a fabulous blue tulle dress from the Spring 2013 collection with the look of seemingly weightless fabric and the floating layers of airy tulle that give it a youthful feel. The fragrance emulates the way Christian was able to create something that was timeless and classic but still had a unique modern signature.

“ A silhouette has so many romantic meanings, but the shape and form of the body in the female figure, that is what this fragrance is all about – every woman can wear it and feel great in it,” said Christian Siriano.

The top notes were inspired by the gorgeous blue color of the fabric— bright and dusky all at once, like a calm sky after a storm. A feeling of freshness was captured by a combination of cassis and wet greens for a crisp, aromatic effect with hints of purple berries.

Like the dress, the fragrance unfolds in a succession of ethereal layers; delicate floating petals of jasmine, rose and freesia create a sense of innocence and femininity and added whipped, sophisticated gourmand notes for a fun playful twist. The heart of the scent is light-hearted and whimsical, mirroring the light, flowing layers of tulle in the dress.

The base of the fragrance compliments the soft femininity of the heart with more masculine notes of woods and moss, giving the fragrance a fresh, contemporary edge.

Discover the fragrance film starring Rebecca Dayan, written and directed by Marc Raymond Wilkins.


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