With Vanessa Moody charmingly representing a strong yet confident femininity, the new Prada Mod eyewear film encapsulates a contemporary interpretation of British Mod Culture and its immersive, bold ideology. Confident, international and free thinkers, Mods were communicating more than just a fashion statement — it was a lifestyle, a state of mind.

As the leader of a ‘Mod Tribe’, Vanessa Moody seems to almost float through the post-industrial landscapes that surround her, while hidden messages, taking inspiration from Alan Sillitoe’s literary mantra, “Whatever people say I am, that is what I am not” unfold like a neo-realist riddle on screen. Each word from the mantra is revealed as a piece of a cryptic enigma through eight episodes.

The project was developed and produced by APRIL, directed by Francesco Maria Tiribelli and Alessandro Farinella, with Creative Director Joakim Dahlqvist. Film Director Matteo Frittelli.