In a tribute to its spirit animal, Bulgari introduces the new 2016 Serpenti jewelry collection, of a new design that ensnares the bold nature of the snake.

Serpenti, Bulgari’s most daring collection, is a tribute to the animal that has embodied mystery and charisma since ancient times. With these latest creations, it reveals its sensual face to the world and seduces with modern and geometrical forms. Masterpieces of jewelry that highlight femininity at its most magnetic through a timeless symbol.

The Bulgari 2016 Serpenti jewelry collection audaciously reinterprets the first serpent, this year focusing on the magnetic power of the eyes. Shining in multi-faceted expressions of seduction, precious rings, bracelets and necklaces are shaped into a bold new design for Serpenti.

Glorifying these “hearts of the head,” the gemstone possesses uncanny similarities: every jewel is as individual as every eye. Such inimitability implies a captivating appeal, as the hypnotic, almond-shaped eyes of a snake – or those of a beautiful woman – can hold a power as incomparable as it can be unconquerable.

The temptation alluded to in a gaze may change the very course of history: each love story begins with that very first look.

Coiled around the history of humanity, the seductive serpent dates back to ancient Greek and Roman mythology. A motif representing wisdom, vitality, and seduction. A charming Bulgari jewellery creation.