Fendi has teamed up with Thierry Lasry, the French sunglasses designer who is known as much for his vision, as he is his visionary eyewear. Now, Fendi has infused the eponymous designer’s secret to sunglasses into a capsule collaboration. To celebrate the launch of the Fendi x Thierry Lasry collection, Kristina Bazan, the influencer from Switzerland, has stepped infront of the camera to showcase the styles.

Fendi has long established itself as a fun, fashion-forward brand constantly coming up with designs that are fresher and more daring than the last.

Fun, bold and eye-catching true to the spirit of Fendi, the new collection is inspired by the Fendi fur atelier designs from the late 80’s, a fashion direction personally selected by Silvia Venturini Fendi and Lasry from the Fendi archives.

As such, expect to see clean geometrical lines boasting bright vivid colours in a collection helmed by two iconic signatures – the Kinky Fur and the Slicky Fur.

The Kinky Fur is recognisable by its flat rectangular shape in exclusive acetate block, enhanced by high-relief coloured details and modern slim metal temples in matte colours. It borrows its name and design from distinct fur follicles, a signature material of the fashion house.

The Slicky Fur on the other hand, is more contemporary in nature being of a cat-eye design also in acetate blocks and slim metal temples. What differs is its ‘gellified fur’ effect, created with a transparent material with floating elements in it.

Discover the new fun and colorful film featuring the online superstar as she models the capsule collection.