High jewelry eyewear brand Boucheron, inspired by the iconic ‘Quatre’ line, establishes a clear association between eyewear  and jewelry collections.

Elegant, modern shapes with highly qualitative materials and treatments such as gold plated metals and Barberini mineral lenses make every single frame a real jewel and a visible statement.

With a Parisian heritage and an inspiration of eternal love, the Boucheron Quatre eyewear collection includes the Full Quatre Sunglasses, Light Quatre Sunglasses, and Quatre Rivert Sunglasses.

The sunglasses are hand crafted to perfection. Gold exterior detail makes way for slim arms incorporated with contrasting black ear socks. Exclusive Boucheron Quatre detail is embellished at tip of the ear sock which is made up of a combination of golds, Clou de Paris, grosgrains, mirror setting and double godron. Boucheron’s signature Quatre detail is made in Switzerland due to its reputation of high quality goods. A modern cat eye style has been adopted with Quatre print detail on the frame exterior.