M.i.h Jeans, a label that Chloe Lonsdale founded 10 years ago to capture the “quirky, eclectic” vibe of London’s famed Portobello Road. Now, M.i.h Jeans’ ’70s flares, high-rise skinnies, and vintage-inspired denim are a go-to for stylish women everywhere, but there’s a good chance your friends aren’t all familiar yet. “We’ve always been a little bit of an insider secret because we’re not widely distributed,” says Lonsdale. “We’ve always been the fashion girl’s denim brand.”

A limited run of 10 cult pieces from their denim archive has been re-released to mark the M.i.h Jeans 10th anniversary with the Cult Denim Project. Cult pieces on their original release, each embodies the M.i.h blue-jean spirit and represents everything we love about denim.

Lonsdale tapped photographer Colin Dodgson to shoot the collection bare-bones-style on the side of the road in Los Angeles—no hair or makeup, no catering, no fuss. Set amid a rugged landscape, the resulting images have a dreamy, otherworldly quality. “We’re not a brand that wants to layer a girl with makeup or style her up with heels,” she says. “We just wanted an amazing model and amazing light.” With denim as solid as this, there’s no filter required.

The Cult Denim Project has launched on Mih-Jeans.com as well as in 10 brick-and-mortar retailers worldwide.