This season, MCM commemorates 40 years of innovation, introducing a limited-edition collaboration with German visionary artist Tobias Rehberger. Celebrating a commitment to the contemporary, MCM explores its legacy of excellence through an exclusive collaboration that blurs the lines between fashion and art.

The repeating logo signature, known as the Visetos, came to symbolise the liberation of travel, top quality, and a fresh and playful take on patterned design. Inspired by MCM’s tradition of ingenuity & legacy of style, Tobias Rehberger explored MCM’s strong visual identity composed of logo repetitions over leather.

“This collection is about the history of MCM, how MCM has created a strong brand ID by making patterns that only consisted of logo repetitions all over a bag. I played around with that idea and reinterpreted it with a redesigned MCM logo rendered in stripes. Instead of repeating the logo as a pattern, I decided to print only one big logo all over the bag,” said Rehberger.

From polychromatic block colours to binary linear patterns, the MCM x Tobias Rehberger Collection presents viewers with visual paradoxes through bold shapes and colour. Rehberger took inspiration from concealed visual identities using linear shapes and repeating colours, presenting viewers with hypnotic visuals & eclectic patterns. Speaking to the idea of revealing a hidden design in the disarray of an optical illusion, the collection features audacious monochromatic strips and dynamic geometric facades that unfold to reveal a new vision of the MCM logo.

From handheld basics & over-shoulder styles, to artisanal staples that go-graphic, the MCM x Tobias Rehberger collection features a variety of shapes that blur the lines between product and art. Each limited-edition style is available in a series of 250 pieces, numbered with unique serial numbers & customised labels created exclusively for the collaboration.

Shop the interactive lookbook as you hover over the items of interest and review the details to purchase online.