French fashion house Chanel is taking consumers inside the house for the thirteenth time to cultivate exclusivity and mystery.

The craftsmanship behind the Haute Couture jacket is revealed, beginning with Karl Lagerfeld’s sketch and ending with hours of excellence in the work of the seamstresses.

Chanel’s gallery shows a number of outfits from between 1934 and 2015. Many of the photos are of Mademoiselle Chanel herself, while more recent ones were taken by current Creative Director Lagerfeld.

The four-minute Chanel Haute Couture film takes the viewer through the design process of the brand’s refined collection in detail, with a quick-talking voiceover and frequent cuts. However, the first part of the film definines an item as “one touch of Mademoiselle’s spirit, one stroke of Karl Lagerfeld’s genius, 130 hours of craftsmanship,” thereby hitting upon heritage, creativity, craftsmanship and attention to detail all at once.