The Issey Miyake Spring 2016 collection was inspired by the lively tropical plants, and expressed bright colors and forms with the new “Baked Stretch” technique.

Natural materials are combined with technology to create a new fabrication. “3D Steam Stretch,” a technique which uses steam heat to shrink thread continues to evolve, thanks to the use of natural materials and ample color variations. There are shirts and jackets that use ultra-thin paper thread made from plant fibers; there are colorful t-shirts that look as if they had been jersey-woven. Issey Miyake continues its research and development on various materials to create comfortable, lightweight and easy to care for clothing in order to suit the lifestyle of a modern woman.

A new type of pleats has been created from a new and innovative process. With this technique, a special glue is first printed onto the fabric and then baked. The glue expands under the high temperature, thereby molding the pleat into the fabric, permanently pressing the garment and maintaining its form. Just like baking bread inside an oven, the fabric is placed inside a baking machine and the glue expands to create a pleated garment. This season we added prints of colorful curves as a compliment to the fabric to evoke the essence of the tropical flora.