A celebration of all things festive with no small dose of whimsy, Smythson present ...

November 30, 2015


A celebration of all things festive with no small dose of whimsy, Smythson present the ‘Wonderland’ film. Produced by artist and filmmaker Quentin Jones, the brand’s Fall collections are brought to life through Quentin’s signature stop-motion animation technique and her hand-crafted paper masks and colourful collages.

The footage is a mixture of the imagined and the real, enhanced by her illustrations, paper masks, furry eyebrows and bracelets made out of masking tape rolls.

The Smythson ‘Wonderland’ film plays on the idea of Christmas seen through the bright, excited eyes of a child. With Quentin playing the central character, inspired by a French harlequin clown, she brilliantly juxtaposes the colour pops from quintessential Smythson gifts with her signature graphic style.

Her surrealist collages and graphic vignettes slowly reveal the letters that spell out Smythson. An intricate interplay of gifts, merry music and artistic storytelling, every time we watch ‘Wonderland’ we discover some new detail hidden within the scenes by Quentin’s clever artistry.

Quentin has also designed a series of Christmas cards featuring her unique combination of surrealist photomontage and painterly brush strokes. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Hannah Höch and John Stezake, her aesthetic is decidedly modern and her cards are a playful take on traditional festival symbols and salutations.

“I wanted to create something that would make people smile, feel festive, while still approaching it like I would any illustration or piece of art.”


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