Polo Ralph Lauren‘s flagship on Fifth Avenue is the first retail location to unveil this technology, which can be experienced in the store’s eight fitting rooms. Dubbed the Oak Fitting Room, Polo Ralph Lauren interactive fitting room replaces the standard mirrors with a touch screen mirror built with Oak Labs’s own software.

Upon entering the Polo Ralph Lauren interactive fitting room with your merchandise, the mirror, already displaying a hologram of Polo Ralph Lauren’s logo, greets you with a glowing light from behind its frame. The mirror’s touchscreen gives shoppers a choice of “Fifth Avenue Daylight,” “East Hampton Sunset” and “Village Candlelit Dinner” for lighting.

After choosing the best light, the mirror shows photos of the items you’ve brought into the room, which are detected from their RFID tags, a reading technology that tracks inventory. Not only do you see what you plan to try on, but the screen also shows how much the store has in stock according to color and size, as well as additional stylist recommendations that go with your chosen items. If you need another size, or you’re interested in trying on the suggested boots that pop up on your screen, there’s an option to request for a sales associate’s help, which the staff receives on their iPad. The sales associates can immediately respond via text messages that show on your screen, such as, “On my way!” along with a name and photo of the specific associate. The mirrors also come equipped with five language options and allow users to change the lighting in the room to one of three schemes. Once you’re finished, you can enter your phone number onto the touch screen to receive a text with a link to the items that you tried on, so you can buy them in store or later online.

Retailers should also benefit from the data gathered from the mirror, including how long customers spend in fitting rooms, how many items they bring in, and individual items’ traffic and conversion rates.