Bionda Castana has unveiled a new documentary to celebrate made-in-Italy, the craftsmen that have devoted their lives to crafting luxury shoes and the brand’s own handmade styles.

In the Bionda Castana ‘La Scarpa Perfetta’ (The Perfect Shoe), the brand goes behind the scenes at its factory and interviews the father-son duo that produces its shoes through a very intricate and involved process.

A real in-sight into a family who have dedicated their lives to the manufacture of footwear. Lorenzo is a third generation shoemaker. He learnt at the feet of his father, master craftsman Vittorio. From the very beginning, Lorenzo and Vittorio have hand-made each and every Bionda Castana shoe. Lorenzo is committed to carrying on the family tradition and he hopes to one day pass it onto his own son.

“My passion for shoes has grown so much over the past few years because I grew up so close to my father’s business. It’s part of my DNA,” said Lorenzo, a third-generation shoemaker who learned from his dad, Vittorio.

“All major Italian companies started off as artisan workshops and they were all family-based,” said Vittorio, who began working in the factory at age 17. He’s now 75.

“The film shows a Milanese, handmade, artisan experience, nothing remotely mass-produced,” said Natalia Barbieri, co-founder and creative director at Bionda Castana.“It is a real insight into a family who have dedicated their lives to the manufacture of luxury footwear. For us, it is important that our shoes are made in a place of love and integrity, celebrating the artisans behind the product that very rarely receive any recognition. We wanted to show transparency in where our products are made and how fortunate we are to have found such an amazing family with such drive and passion.”

Watch the biography of artisans and master craftsmen Lorenzo and Vittorio at the Bionda Castana factory.