In his first collection as creative director of Roberto Cavalli, Peter Dundas goes back to the label’s fundamental elements – its essence – in order to define the new Roberto Cavalli woman of today.

For the Roberto Cavalli Spring 2016 collection, his first as Creative Director, Dundas took all the staple styles that made the Cavalli brand a success for so many years and filtered them through an 80s sieve. The founder’s love of denim was given a colorful acid wash treatment, tricked out with metallic fringing. Dundas took the brand’s core commitment to animal prints and went right to the source with a lion’s head motif he used on everything from metal mesh crop tops and jacquard suits to second skin high-waisted pants and one voluminous silk skirt designed to trail behind a mini front.

The idea to mimic leopard spots on perforated suede tops was another original way to honor the heritage of the house. As were the sexy form-fitting leather dresses with skin exposing straps held taunt to the side of the body with D-rings.

Watch behind the scenes as the models prepare for this elaborate collection.