Nicholas Kirkwood is commemorating 10 years in business with a neon science fiction mash-up of leather and sparkle that he describes as a completely self-indulgent collection, inspired by the toy boxes, TV screens and arcade computer games of his youth.

The Nicholas Kirkwood 10th anniversary capsule collection will be made in a limited number for customers who pre-order at the designer’s pop-up shop, which is now open at Selfridges, and via trunk shows globally.

The silhouettes are based on styles from the last 10 years, and all of them feature the designer’s signature platform. They’re seen through a lens of Kirkwood’s childhood memories of “Star Wars,” Pac-Man, and the film “Back to the Future.” Square crystals and laser-cut pajettes mimic pixelation, while twisted satin is made to resemble the electrical wire from the golden body of C-3PO. Embellishments also include Pac-Man-style eyes made of suede and leather, and glow-in-the-dark laces and glass crystals.

The shoes will come packaged in big cardboard boxes like the ones used for plastic action figures. The displays at the presentation will resemble infinity mirrors.

Discover the collection here.