For The Tory Burch Spring 2016 collection, the brand was inspired by how beauty is enhanced through time and nature. The collection included a number of design elements that emphasized simple shapes and clean lines — such as criss-cross details.

Spring is about interesting contrasts: high and low, natural and shine, translucency and the opaque. Burch said she loves the way this collection mixed humbler canvas and linen fabrics with opalescent fil-coupé and knits with metallic threading.

“There is an emphasis on contrast: natural fabrics paired with iridescence; neutrals with brights; simple shapes with texture and intricate embroideries, ” said Tory Burch.

The designer thought about embellishment this season, from distressed gold foil over embroidery to intricate towel stitching, accented with beads and crystals, with an emphasis on texture throughout.

The collection plays with the concept of shine and shimmer throughout, from iridescent organza dresses to sportier knits made from incredible Lurex yarns. It’s a trend they continued into the accessories: oxidized jewelry, shoes with gold sculptural heels, handbags with opalescent edges or light-refracting pearl beads.