Inspired by the Canadian winter, the Heimstone Fall 2015 collection entitled Alberta is inspired by the sunburnt leaves wave goodbye to the Fall a they reveal naked tees that complete the true polar winter landscape.

In front of them the Giant emerald lakes freeze over, creating a new playground for the huskies and their slays.

For the next few months we will see the land and sky as one, a plate bleu and grey pallet that hides the horizon. This is Alberta.

Heimstone tries to get away from the fashion rules, creating along its journeys around the world, travelling in an old car; The Heimstone collecions get mature with the seasons, addind colors with the landscapes, and they all tell a story, born during these trips.

The Heimstone style is spontaneous, singular, creative, active, independant traveller and curious. The Heimstone woman is androgyne but very sexy & elegant. Yet, she is rock’n’roll, very Parisian with an international flare. Heimstone is above all charisma- a style and universe. It’s not just a pretty dress or a pretty jacket. The Heimstone woman is of today- a type of woman who understood very early hat progress also integrates true values and sustainability. Active and free, her travels have created a lifestyle and way of dressing that relates to all women
dealing with awareness and beauty.

This film is inspired by the work of dancer and choreographer Marjory Duprés.