Roman House of Bulgari launched a new High Jewelry Italian Gardens collection, dedicated to the ...

September 7, 2015


Roman House of Bulgari launched a new High Jewelry Italian Gardens collection, dedicated to the historical landscapes and Renaissance architecture. The great art of Italian Gardens reached its heights during Renaissance era, when artists and sculptors like Raphael and Michelangelo focused their attention at a new idea. They truly believed in a fusion of nature and exquisite workmanship. Legendary Italian Gardens took place around palaces and villas: the Belvedere in the Vatican, Villa d’Este in Tivoli, Villa Lante in Bagnaia and the Boboli Gardens in Florence are all excellent examples of performance achieved by Renaissance architects who crossed the line of traditional and simplified imitation of Nature. This particular innovation inspired Bulgari’s designers to create a new flower collection consist of one hundred Haute Joaillerie and Watch masterpieces.

Floral motifs live out of time, they are often repeated in the history of art. Like the great architects of the Renaissance era, Bulgari designers see the nature as a source of inspiration. Jewelry and watches of the brand are born in the eternal dialogue between Nature and Art.

The 100-piece Bulgari Italian Garden collection emulates the artful decorative boxwood hedges and flowerbeds that came to prominence during the Renaissance, as gardens were tamed and their contours redefined transforming nature into “a work born of man” with and artistically arranged flowerbeds and trees and shrubs pruned to create evergreen ‘sculptures’.

The ideas are transformed into precious objects, luxuriously decorated with stones of the highest quality. In the Bulgari precious gardens minerals, gold and platinum merge with the bouquet of luxury and bloom at the velvety skin of their owners forever.

Discover the collection here.


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