Comptoir des Cotonniers celebrates 20 years of style, confidence, and love as Anne-Valérie Hash, Creative Director, has joined this great adventure which has only just begun, and perfectly intertwines her couture feel with the brand’s easy chic essence.

In 1997, Comptoir was a mother-daughter relationship, a beautiful partnership that spanned the years, the very essence of its sensitivity, its inspiration, its creativity. To embody this iconic “mother and daughter” duo and highlight the new “chic, unusual-look”, Charlotte Gainsbourg and her daughter Alice star in the Comptoir des Cotonniers Fall 2015 ad campaign.

In the streets of Paris, they share tender moments which are amazingly simple wearing clothing highlighting Comptoir essentials throughout the season such as tailoring, coats and knitwear. Both have been photographed as sensitivity and understanding accentuate the perfect yet ambivalent agreement of the masculine/feminine, and the softness and personality of this pair so close to us.

Discover the making-of the Comptoir des Cotonniers Fall 2015 ad campaign with Charlotte Gainsbourg and her daughter Alice, the brand’s new muses.