Introducing the first Eddie Borgo handbag collection, modernizing the construction of ...

August 24, 2015


Introducing the first Eddie Borgo handbag collection, modernizing the construction of traditional pocketbook and attaché silhouettes from the 1950s and 1960s. The collection marries Borgo’s noteworthy and unique understanding of metal craftsmanship, engineering and sculptural hardware.

The minimal and functional handbags combine the finest Italian leatherwork with Eddie Borgo’s innovative design. Masterfully crafted by artisans in Italy, the styles feature leather in fine box calf with powder rubber coated or latex finishes and custom rigid aluminum hardware.

“The Industrial revolution is something we always look at with jewelry and reexamining the beautiful products that came out of that time,” Borgo said. “In my research, I heard all of my friends complaining about things that were not working with their bags—they’re too heavy, they can’t fit anything, they don’t open correctly. The functionality was a huge problem, so we were looking at this idea of a modern working woman and everything she needs in her handbag.”

The collection features four styles. The COLT is a polished, engineered hinge-system combined with refined leather construction for an inimitable take on ladylike glamour. The DEAN is an exquisite shape and remarkable engineering redefine a classic doctor bag. meanwhile, the BOYD is an attaché with a fold over aluminum handle in an elegant and slender silhouette. Finally, the VIC is a sculpted minaudiére that is as much an object as an engineered case, featuring a bespoke leather container that effortlessly transforms the piece from evening to day.

The refined palette features shades of jet black, evergreen, frost grey and blush pink, while each handbag includes a discreet mirrored compact.

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