Exclusively available online, and inspired by the iconic AllSaints biker jacket, the brand has created a versatile handbag collection that expresses their love of leather.

“We took our biker jackets and translated both their attitude and their design detailing into these handbags,” said Creative Director Wil Beedle. “So the collection expresses confidant femininity within AllSaints’ attitudinal industrialism.”

They have explored and experimented to create a range of fresh, modern pieces: the tote, satchel, hobo, clutch, cross-body, bowling, mini, and shoulder bag. The AllSaints ‘The Capital’ handbag collection comes divided into four distinct families, named after streets surrounding our East London Studios where they were designed and refined.

“East London continues to evolve at an eye-opening pace, and it was completely natural for us to name the handbag families after the streets that are situated within the immediate radius of our studio—it was like a love letter to East London’s past, present and future,” said Beedle.

They form each handbag using only the finest materials, all sourced in ethical ways. Crafted using bespoke techniques and textures, in a seasonal color palette, each bag expresses AllSaints’ individual spirit and attitude. While the bags stay true to AllSaints’ signature look, the label did switch things up a bit when it comes to the details. “We transformed these into something entirely new and unique,” said Beedle. “Minimalized zips and chains are refined and elegant, studs are leather covered, embossed logos appear in hidden or unexpected places, and the functional requirements of stitching and braiding become the heart of the design proposition.”

Shop the interactive lookbook as you hover over the items of interest and review the details to purchase online.