A nod to the novel, an appreciation of the peculiar and a bookmark of those special pieces that ...

August 17, 2015


A nod to the novel, an appreciation of the peculiar and a bookmark of those special pieces that pique the interest, the Ted Baker London ‘Curiosities’ film unearths the designer’s desire to uncover hidden treasures, intrigue and delight.

A metamorphosis of artful prints and wondrous patterns gives a nod to watercolours and still life scenes on linings and fabrics.

Ted explores treasures from days gone by with 60s and 70s-inspired swing back coats and structured tunic dresses in touchably luxe fabrics. These pieces evolve into modern classics of salt and pepper culottes, boucle jackets and an eye-catching checked cape. The silhouettes of the season come in the form of a beautiful lace skirt, decadent ombre jacquard dress and a breathtaking ballerina skirt so beautiful time appears to stand still.

Bringing the look into the here and now, Ted’s outerwear is a modern marvel with reworked leather bombers, biker jackets and parkas for gents. Luxurious quilted wool coats are given a showerproof finish, while the introduction of the Ombre Jacquard coat, with its subtle color blocking effect, adds a little mystery.

Ted’s ‘Phormal’ range features a plethora of tonal printing, mini florals, velvet collars and exquisite compositions. Wool and silk-blend suits in staple grey, black and navy leave a timeless impression in modern and fashion fits, while a dash of charisma and eccentricity features in the Global range. The collection’s gold and black velvet jacket is a rare wonder…a mainstay piece in any permanent collection.

Let Ted take you on a journey this Fall and unearth trinkets and treasures, curiosities and curations that begin to tell a story only you can finish.


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