Explore the endless possibilities of the Smythson personalized gift selection, just part of ...

July 27, 2015


Explore the endless possibilities of the Smythson personalized gift selection, just part of what makes the brand’s handcrafted products such exceptional offerings.

Personalized luxury, including goldstamping personal messages, initials and motifs, has always been part of what makes Smythson unique, from Katherine Hepburn’s bespoke address book in 1955, to our personalized bags, books and accessories today.

You can see the most lavish point of Smythson’s long heritage at the forefront of personalized stationery in the beautiful bespoke stationery designed for the Maharajas of India, inlaid with gold, silver and mother of pearl. Smythson have kept this tradition alive by continuing to champion personalized correspondence at all levels; from the elegant simplicity of customized letterheads available to order to completely individual bespoke sets, with a step-by-step guide to each of your options.

Ordering your stationery online strikes the perfect balance between streamlined simplicity and freedom of expression. Creating your own personalized stationery starts with our interactive template, which lets you test and choose designs, colours, fonts and layouts for business and correspondence cards, writing paper and even wedding invitations.

Developing bespoke stationery goes beyond choosing from a list of options, in a process beginning with a Stationery Salon in one of our boutiques at New Bond Street, Sloane Street, Harrods and New York, so that Smythson’s craftsmen can perfectly capture your personality and style. Monograms, logos and motifs can all be created specifically for you, alongside a practically inexhaustible array of aesthetic options at your fingertips.

From handbags, diaries and notebook to leather travel and home accessories, Smythson celebrates your signature style online and in-store.


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