A powerful geometric collection, Lulu Frost calls upon the extraordinary artistry of Native American jewelers, the intricate mosaic work seen in Greek and Roman bathhouses. The Lulu Frost Pre-Fall 2015 jewelry collection, aptly named Tesserae, focuses on collages of semi-precious stones. Designer Lisa Salzer thought of no one better to represent this eclectic and unique spirit than her dear friend Tziporah, whose artistic approach to dressing involves mixing various wardrobe pieces together to tell one unified story. Recognizable as a collage of semi-precious stones including onyx, jade, chalcedony, pyrite, jasper and more, the end result is a clean, grounded look that has a gorgeous weighted feel, representative of both the quality and the meaning.

“Dressing is an art form. It’s really a painting and the ensemble has to be organic and balanced,” describes Tziporah.  No wonder she’s one of Bill Cunningham’s muses… Tziporah treats her wardrobe as a collection of art that she collages together, perfectly personifying Lulu Frost’s newest collection.

To add depth to the rich layers of this campaign, collage artist Lizzie Gill takes the photos to another level, creating several collages that include architectural references and further speak to the mosaic theme.  Living and working in Brooklyn, Lizzie’s work combines elements of digital and canvas to explore themes of past and present, much like designer Lisa Salzer’s own tendency to modernize vintage jewelry.

For the Lulu Frost Pre-Fall 2015 ad campaign, Lizzie interprets the mosaic jewelry in her own way and creates a unique imagery, referencing Tziporah Salamon throughout her process.