Introducing the Dries Van Noten film entitled High Tide by Albert Moya exposing the brand’s Spring 2015 collection. When the filmmaker behind American Autumn set his sights on the designer’s work, a certain amount of grandeur was to be expected. Starring Dries Van Noten’s runway regular Hanne Gaby, High Tide was shot at the Federal Hall in Wall Street and in Long Beach in collaboration with Edu Grau, the director of photography behind Tom Ford’s A Single Man.

“A metaphor of resurrection and of the return to the light, this film is also a tribute to the spirit of fashion; a reawakening of the new after the twilight of the days gone by,” Moya says. One of Van Noten’s most thrilling productions ever, the finale of his Spring 2015 show saw models sprawled around a magnificent hand-sewn green carpet resembling a forest floor, scored with birdsong and warm lights, in a moment of serenity that seemed to have time standing still. Drawing on the spirit of that collection, the Dries Van Noten High Tide film takes its own moment to reflect on some of the bigger questions in life.